Wall Art

Graffiti, oh graffiti. Graffiti is something many people have a love/hate relationship with, myself included. Graffiti which today is now a global phenomena with established artists, has been with mankind for millennia. Archaeologists have found evidence from thousands of years ago as outlined in Nicholas Ganz' compendium, Graffiti World. The idea has not changed, just the name and presentation. It is now called street art. The name change has come with the emergence of talented artists now producing, at times strikingly realistic portrayals of a multitude of subjects, on huge outdoor canvases.

For whatever reason, and probably not completely definable, I have come to enjoy traveling to and walking around urban areas that are decorated with street art. This may seem silly or unusual to some, but I enjoy it. I enjoy it mainly because of the talent and creativity demonstrated by the artists. What is depicted covers a wide range of subjects and changes with location. Some art is sad, some joyful; some is political, and some religious. The four locations represented in this folio are Buenos Aires, Argentina; the Mission District of San Francisco; Lennon's Wall in Prague, Czech Republic and Venice, Italy.

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